patching... | How To Manufacture Meth -- True Iodine Recipe - How To Manufacture Meth -- True Iodine Recipe - I've seen dozens . While the Iodine crystals are being made we are going to extract the Phsuedo .

crystal meth receipes

Crystal Methamphetamine Recipe How to Make Methamphetamine ...
What is Crystal Methamphetamine? Making Methamphetamine Recipe Crystal methamphetamine is a powerful and extremely addictive man-made stimulant.


Recipe for Meth - YouTube
Jul 31, 2008 . Recipe for Meth. . No matter what colour skin u have...... And be it crystal meth or crack or herion They are all killers..?. rudy3037 in reply to .

Gideon's Guardians: New Meth Recipe - a/k/a Easter Bunny Meth
Jul 18, 2006 . By then crystals will have formed; the crystals are [meth] ice. . The problem is, this recipe is all a bunch of crap; even the DEA knows it. (at 11) .

How do You Make Crystal Meth? -
If you need a step by step guide on how you make crystal meth check out . website provides you with a few different recipes on how do you make crystal meth.

The Clandestine Chemist's Notebook
Apr 22, 2007. with Anhydrous Ammonia). These methods do work they will produce plenty of Crystal Meth for you, and your friends. Here are the Recipes: .

Mar 12, 2002 . 12, 2002 i heard there was a recipe for meth on this site and i've been all over this . not black beauties, or magnum .357?s, but real crystal.

Making Crystal Meth - Breaking Bad
Jan 30, 2008 . What I will tell you is making crystal meth involves reducing ephedrine . I SWEAR ON MY LIFE I ONLY WANT THE RECIPE FOR MYSELF TO .

Shake and Bake- the simple way to make crystal meth.
Oct 22, 2009 . Today, it's how to make crystal meth on the run: you know, the type of . “Every meth recipe is dangerous, but in this one, if you don't shake it .

Recipe crystal meth
Hi! I was wondering about making my own Tina rather than buying it. I have done a lot of research on the Internet regarding ways to do this, but .

Homemade Meth - Video
Feb 9, 2008 . Watch Video about Meth,Homemade,Cocaine by . Screen Tear - Episode 1: Miyamoto Beat Down and Crystal Meth 04:48 .

GTA IV | GamePolitics
The suspected recipe for crystal meth can be discovered in the video game as a posting on the fictional Web site Craplist --a parody of the popular real life Web .

Erowid Methamphetamines Vault : FAQ
Methamphetamine (also known as speed, meth, crystal, crank, tina, and sometimes confusingly . There are other recipes, but none to practical to attempt. Do You Want A New Drug?
Nov 10, 1999 . hey i wanted to know the recipe for crystal meth. im not making it for me or anyone to do it. im not like that. i just want to learn and do some .

German Pretzels (Bretzeln) [moved from Int'l board] - Home Cooking ...
Could you repost it? NaOH is getting hard to purchase, because it is a stage in home-lab production of Crystal Meth. Also note that lots of recipes use a simple .

'Word of Mouth' Taste-Tests Reverse-Engineered KFC Recipe ...
Jul 25, 2009 . The secret recipe that Ron Douglas unlocked depends heavily on Accent, . politely opine, "why, it's like comparing iced tea and crystal meth".

Recipes on making shake and bake meth
Recipe for making crystal meth with gun blue? Gun blue is selenium dioxide. Quite toxic and can not be used in any way to make meth. The very concept of gun .

Mar 20, 2011 . Crystal meth is created by dissolving the powdered meth in water and . the three most popular ingredients used in the recipe to make meth.

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Recipe For Disaster | The Meth Epidemic | FRONTLINE | PBS
Feb 14, 2006 . Then, in the 1980s, when new, easy-to-follow recipes for meth began . At the time crystal -- a pure, crystalline form of the stuff -- had become .

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