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Mar 19, 2011 . tama town tamagotchi Cheats and codes . P51011 (Ninja chocolate store) . Tamagotchi V4 Cheat Codesby MeRawrCookies2747 views .

tamagotchi town v4 shop codes

Tamagotchi Connexion Version 3 cheats, codes, hints, FAQs
Cheats, codes, hints, and FAQs for Tamagotchi Connexion Version 3. . In Tama Town, you can only gain souvenirs if your Tamagotchi username is typed in. . If you enter codes by going to the shop and pressing A(3), sometimes a rare item .


Tamagotchi V3 - Tama Yama Wuv
V3 Codes. Shop Codes: There are 7 shop codes for V3. The code you put in last will . Tama Town Codes : Codes you get from Tama Town only works for your .

How to Get the Rare Cell Phone for the Tamagotchi V4 |
When playing Tamagotchi V4, you can obtain a very rare cell phone by . cell phone by visiting redeeming five special shop codes within the game. . Available for the Super Nintendo (SNES) video game system, Tamagotchi Town can also .

How to Use Game Cheats for Tamagotchi Town |
How to Log on to "Tamagotchi Town" With a V3 · How to Make Money Fast With Tamagotchi . 4 times in rapid succession to put a look of surprise on the shop owner's face. . A long list of passwords and hints for more efficient play can be found at . The Tamagotchi v4 is the fourth generation of the Tamagotchi Connection, .

What are some souvenir codes for tamagotchi v4.5
all this is easily available if you poke around tama town looking for items that make your cursor turn into a . Below are the shop code for Tamagotchi V4.5 only !

Updated Tamagotchi Collection + Shop Codes for Tamagotchi v3 ...
Jun 29, 2011. to my tamagotchi (: and shop codes for tamagotchi's v3 and v4.5's. . FOR TAMAGOTCHI V4.5by AmerikajinOtaku1099 views; tama town trip .

How do you get your tamagotchi items from tama town v4.5
to transfer your items from the tama town site to your tamagotchi toy,when you . logout password and item passwords.enter the logout code in ur tamagotchi . to your tamagotchi which can be spent at the "shop" icon in your tamagotchi toy :p .

How to Put in a Tamagotchi V4.5 Code |
How to Put in a Tamagotchi V4.5 Code. Tamagotchis -- those lovable virtual pets that are cleaner and cheaper than a puppy -- have expanded their interactivity .

Tamagotchi FAQ
(37876 views); Tamagotchi Version 2 and 3 SHOP Codes. . The Tamagotchi v4 won't accept any codes from the tamatown website. . my tama says error everytime i try to connect to tama town. i have double checked the password and am .

tamatown special codes - YouTube
May 21, 2011 . here are the codes again if you missed them 08456= Mame desk B54523= Memetchi kitchen . P51011= Ninja chocolate store . tama town tamagotchi Cheats and codesby sugarbabez0002816 views · tama go login codes . Tamagotchi v4.5 Tamatown Cheatby AmerikajinOtaku2446 views · Tamagotchi .

v2 -v6 & tamago+figures - tamagotchi time
the v2 is the tama after the one that started the tamagotchi connection phase. there . go to the new shop feature were you can spend your gotchi on foods and Items. . and get codes to get souvenirs. they don't do anything but are fun to collect. . most say that this is the best tama town but I like v4 tama town better. v6 tama .

Tamagotchi Connection Information Center
Tamagotchi Connection Secret CODES. Tamagotchi .

Tamagotchi Connection - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tamagotchi Connection (uk: Tamagotchi connexion) from Bandai is a . This option is needed to visit the V4 online world of Tamagotchi Town. . Gotchi Points to shop on the Shopping Channel, find a mate with the Dating Show, or go . Every Tamagotchi Music Star Toy includes a guitar pick with a code for Tamatown on it.

tamagotchi luv: Get your Tamagotchi dream job!
How to get your dream job for Tama V4. Download the . music studio; clothing shop; bake shop; beauty salon; floral shop . Labels: Tamagotchi tips and tricks .

Cheat Codes for Tamagotchi -
Find 30521 questions and answers about Cheat Codes for Tamagotchi at Ask. com Read more. . on tamatalk, you can find these shop codes bcaa cbab babc baaa caac bbcb . I have no idea I wanted password for tamagotchi v4. soooo people help meeeeee they r : Pen = 15000 gp: BBCA CCCA. . Tamagotchi Town .

General Tamagotchi | Tamagotchi Mania
You can also use secret codes that would allow you to buy more stuff for your . You can also log on to with your Tamagotchi V4 and V4.5 to . and watch a movie in the Tama town, dine out, have a shopping spree or go meet .

List of Tamagotchi releases - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
From there, the user can enter Tamagotchi Town and take part in many activities . 2-4, V4.5 has secret codes that the player can enter into the Shop Keeper.

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Tamagotchi FAQ
(37926 views); Tamagotchi Version 2 and 3 SHOP Codes. . The Tamagotchi v4 won't accept any codes from the tamatown website. . my tama says error everytime i try to connect to tama town. i have double checked the password and am .

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